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photography, Kitti, art, me, kink

Kitti, the Unstoppable Hex Machine

...and a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries...

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*shrug* Meh.
photography, Kitti, art, me, kink
Why won't the depression go away?

Good stuff is happening, in general.... why won't this anvil just get the fuck off my chest?

Why do I need to intoxicate myself to actually feel anything good these days?

My head's even starting to hurt... it could be a physical withdrawal symptom. It's right on the temples... I also have a really foul taste in my mouth. Meh.

That's all anything is these days... it's either "meh" or intoxicated and manic.. or comedowny and confused. I don't even know why!!!! If I had an actual issue with something I could deal with it but I don't. I'm living in a pretty cool place, have rather awesome flatmates, I've got a decent job, also I'm coming into some money in about 2 weeks so I can afford to go back to having an actual life... but I'm STILL fucking emotionless.

Maybe I'm getting ill.. that's what people do in Winter isn't it?