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photography, Kitti, art, me, kink

Kitti, the Unstoppable Hex Machine

...and a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries...

photography, Kitti, art, me, kink
I think my heart is breaking.

One of the only very few women I've let get close enough to me to love, is leaving... and I know that it is partly due to the mockery my cunting flatmates made of the previous situation, that she has to go back to Devon, to her family.

She told me today that she has no more fight in her, and I can see that the beautiful blue flame in her soul is flickering and growing weaker. It was her fire that first attracted me to her, and to see her so placid now is tearing me up.

We've been each other's rocks for so long now, that I really don't know what I'll do without her. Yes I can visit, and she will be on the end of the phone... but it just isn't the same. I want to fight for her. I'd give her my room if she'd take it... I'd get another loan to pay for deposits and rent for a new place for us, if she'd only let me. She's told me she needs to visit the mothership, and recharge away from the tangled, fucked up, and beautiful ties of the city, and I do understand what she means.

Almost every part of me wants to catch her up and hold her, and keep her safe until her fire grows strong again, but I know that protecting her would only make her weaker. I know in my heart that leaving us is just something she has to do - for herself - but no power in the 'verse can stop my tears tonight, and I doubt sleep will come to me, even with her beautiful figure lying next to me.

She said I could go with her too, if I want... and I can't say it's not tempting, but I have no other home than this place, and I will never leave my city of my own free will until I leave the country to serve a better cause.

My Gods, I will miss you so, beautiful Pippa.