June 15th, 2010

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To My Earses!

I haz a new love. Abney Park be thy name!!

It's the name of a cemetary in the US, but also (and more importantly) the name of a FUCKING AWESOME Band.

Many stuffs going on apart from that, but I am currently conducting a new, and exciting, love affair, through my ears!! I am struck down! Indeed, my cup runneth over. I haven't felt this way about an act since New Model Army - and we all know how that one turned out. Yep - complete and absolute obsession.

So, other things:

Fayth has added me on Facebook. Little bit strange, considering the history but of the two of them, I think she's more likely to have animosity towards me (unless this is a friends close, enemies closer thing... must keep an eye on that)

I'm also steps closer to achieving preferred density. People I haven't seen for a small while keep asking if I've lost weight, which is a great reinforcer. I'm also much further in my NLP/body language studies and am looking into mental "magic"(creating illusion). It can be difficult as I'm trying bloody hard to change myself in more than one way and have to keep myself on a pretty short leash - but we'll see in a few months that(if) it has been worth it. It would rock to get down a dress size before Sonisphere. *Win! Short term goal discovered*

I'm still not entirely sure who/what/how I am, but I figure I'll come to myself eventually, I may as well try to better "myself", so when "I" do come back, I'll be at least a little bit likely to like "myself". This is all crazy Shaman Gemini stuff, and probably make little sense to thee average reader, but very few people have this blog address so *pffffffttttttt* I care not!


Kit. xxx
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