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photography, Kitti, art, me, kink

Kitti, the Unstoppable Hex Machine

...and a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries...

The Way Things Are
photography, Kitti, art, me, kink


I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but I thought it was about time I joined the throng of the masses.  LJ seemed an ok place to start.

Right now, I'm on the work PC and a little baffled that it's letting me view this site, actually.  That's the problem with working for a big, multinational company... it's very hard to slack.  I suppose you could say that's a quality, but I've always been more of a glass half empty kind of girl... I guess.

Anyway... mustn't grumble.  I've got a costume to make and only about 4 days to make it in.  Crimson is but less thn a week away, and we must look beautiful, mustn't we?  Lest we are cast out from the realms of kink and made to walk in the gutter with the normals... our cheap PVC trousers melting in the acid rain.

Hmmm... maybe I should have joined Deadjournal instead.

Tickity Boo,