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photography, Kitti, art, me, kink
It appears this is my first entry in over six months.

Much has happened.

I'm still deeply embedded, out of water, in the 'shire.
I now, however, have a job that I like, and that challenges me mentally (and sometimes emotionally)
I've made *some* friends... although being a sex addict, have managed to alienate the hot ones by sleeping with them and then denying them a "deeper, more meaningful (boring)" relationship
Mother and I have a better relationship now. She's currently in hospital trying to fight Death at all costs. Bless her x
My sister and I are.... strange, currently.

That last one - I'm slightly bemused by. What is it that one does, exactly, when one finds the boyfriend of one's sister actively trolling dating sites? Yet worse - actively trolling my fucking housemates?! I told her, of course. She looked up the profile and promptly decided I was mistaken and someone else is using his photographs (cha... like someone would falsely use photos of a bald, fat fuck in order to get laid) Denial really is just a rose-coloured Egyptian river to her... poor little mite x

I, of course, find myself swimming (yet a-fucking-gain) in a sea of cock, with absolutely no direction whatsoever!
I love Stevie, I do... I just cannot do monogamy anymore! It actually sickens me to think that, for a while there, I was actually dreaming of the house, the husband, the car, the kids... GAH!! That life is totally not for me, and while I am aware that I may have coersed Stevie into that way of future-thought... I have to snap him right out of it. I was made to fuck. Vigourously and without limit! So nyer nyer nyer :-p

On that note, I'm going to bed.

Kit xxx


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